X9 E scooter 500w

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With the same high build quality as with the HX X6, X7 and X8 electric scooters,

Aimed at users who are looking for greater range, a higher top speed and improved climbing ability, but with the usual HX design and build quality.

As with previous models the X9 also has a removable battery, that can be charged in or out of the scooter - but this time with greater capacity.

The Horizon HX X9 is available battery

X9: 36V, 10.4Ah

All models are powered by a 850W (500W ave. power motor) providing a stable ride.

If you're not sure what model is most suitable for your requirements then have a read of our X9 buyer's guide or get in touch with us through chat or email.

With the increase in weight and speed more stopping power is required. So the X9 has been equipped with front and rear disc brakes, front ABS and rear fender (mudguard) foot brake.

✅ Removable battery: 36V, 10.4Ah can be charged in or out of the scooter
✅ Range: 22-28miles, (35-45km)*
✅ Suitable for inclines up to 25°
✅ Front & Rear Disc Brakes: with front & rear brake levers
✅ Extra Wide Footplate: allowing both feet be facing forward
✅ Wide 10” vacuum tyres: no inner tubes
✅ Foldable Design: Commuter e-scooters need to be foldable in order to carry on & off public transport or popping in the boot of your car for a weekend away
✅ Safety features: these include front and rear lights and quadruple braking; rear disc brake, rear fender foot brake and E-ABS front brakes, for ultimate stopping power.

Full Features:

● Powerful 36V, 500W (850W peak) motor
● Battery: 36V, 10.4Ah, can be charged in or out of scooter
● Range of up to 22-28miles (35-45km)*
● 3 speed modes, with max speed 20-25 mph (35-40km/h)
● Suitable for inclines up to 25°
● Cruise Control
● 10" wheels with pneumatic tyres
● Quick folding design for easy transportation
● IPX4 waterproof rating, visit here for further details
● Quadruple braking system with front & rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake
● On board computer for speed, battery monitor and cruise control
● Large 3W LED front light and 1W rear light
● UK Stock with UK charger
● Free Shipping from UK
* lowest speed setting, flat road, dry conditions, continuous use. Real world conditions (i.e. stop/start) on fastest speed setting on undulating road typically 50-60% of manufacture's figures.

Please note that electric scooters can't currently be used on public roads, pavements, cycle ways. The government are reviewing the law regarding e-scooters in 2022