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Wee wheels ride on cars

24v monkey bike with stabilisers

24v monkey bike with stabilisers

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Just like the name suggests this new bike takes things to a new cheeky fun level for the junior rider and has to be the ultimate kid’s e-bike! But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these awesome features: powered by a large 250-watt motor, with a high and low-speed setting, the highest can reach speeds of up to 20kph very quietly, therefore, no noise, no pollution! This beauty also comes with 24volt batteries giving the mini motorbike a smooth ride – awesome for some outdoor fun!

This is a great bike, check out its twist throttle and rear disc bracket giving it a very responsive acceleration, just switch it on and go!

We know that you want to look awesome on this bike as if you are riding a real motorbike bike which is why this bike comes with a large chopper style padded seat and alloy wheels.

Overall Length 97cm, Width 59cm & Height 67cm. A seat height of 44cm. 40kg max rider weight and a top speed of 13mph with a run time of up to 60mins based on weight and terrain.



Suitable for children up to 13yrs

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